“Usmania” business – center

Дата публикации: Tuesday May 24th, 2016

The growing market of Halal goods in Russia makes new demands on services and goods, earlier not certified as Halal product. The Republic Tatarstan Waqf fund in partnership with Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Tatarstan designed concept of a business center specialized for providing Halal certified medical services.

The main focus of “Usmania” is to create one-stop shop of medical services:

– ambulance;

– general practitioners;

– pediatrics;

– Vaccination programs;

– laboratory;

– cosmetology

Center sections separated for man, woman reception with children section apart. For patient’s accompanying relatives within center designed hostel and catering.
Construction of business-center planned in downtown of Kazan within city Muslim center on the Gabdulla Tukay Street. Developed transportation roots, own parking and easy access location will ensure sufficient client traffic.

Key features:
Land plot area:
Ownership: title acquired
Number of storeys: 4
Premises area: 5000 sq.m.
Start of construction: 2017
Total project cost: 6,7 mln $
Payback period: 5 years